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Shampoo and condition, haircut, blow dry and style (flat iron or curl)

MEN’s HAIRCUT | $20+
Shampoo, haircut, rinse after cut to get rid of loose hair and style.

Children of all ages

A trim of the bang between scheduled haircuts

Newgrowth touch-up and style

FOILS | $72+
Basic Hilights or Lowlights to add color and dimension to hair

Handpainted custom hilights that give the darker at the scalp lighter at the ends look

A glaze done to the root area to give the lived in look

Color service to correct any unwanted color or color mishaps.

TONER | $40+
A glaze to refresh color, tone out unwanted color, or add shine. Great to add on to a color or a stand alone serivce

Shampoo and condition, blow dry, curl or flat iron

UPDO | $65+
Special occasion style (wedding, homecoming, prom etc.) Full updo, half up half down, full curled.

Shampoo, deep conditioning treatment chosen to address hair needs, blow dry and style

Shampoo with a pink charcoal detoxing product to remove buildup, conditioned and styled

Smoothing, defrizz treatment that makes the hair hair softer and healthier that last 12 weeks

Socap Keratin bonded hair extensions customized to you color and desired length. Socap extensions come in different form of application to be suitable for all hair types



A skin rejuvenating procedure that corrects deeper imperfections of the tissue to offer improvement of a variety of cosmetic concerns. The procedure is performed with a device that contains securely fixed needles in a specific position and of a measured length. It is stimulating the collagen by micro channel delivery of peptides, growth factors and cytokines with minimal to no down time.

A treat and improve conditions like acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks, and pigment issues.

A 60 minute customized collection of premium Eminence products to fit your needs and concerns to give you a relaxing experience with the benefits of results catered towards you. Steps to rejuvenation: cleanse, exfoliate, masque, moisturize, relax!

A 90 minute deluxe “all the bells and whistles, everything” facial. This facial is completely customized collection of premium Eminence products to fit your needs, concerns and then some. Cleanse, exfoliating, masque, peel, eye treatments, lip treatments, moisturizer, relax!

A method of exfoliation that consists of using a scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells and facial hair in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.






 We offer a full line of nufree waxing services in our salon to remove unwanted body hair.

Eyebrow Shaping and Waxing | $25
Underarm Waxing | $15
Lip Waxing | $10
Chin Waxing | $10
Facial Waxing | $15
Half Leg Waxing | $45
Full Leg Waxing | $65
Arm Waxing | $20
Back or Chest Waxing | $50
Bikini Waxing | $50
Brazilian Waxing | $70
Men’s Bikini | $60
Men’s Brazilian | $85



Gel Pedicure w/soak off | $65

Maintenance Pedicure| $25

Gel Pedicure| $55

Polish Change – Feet| $15

Spa Pedicure| $45

Pedicure| $35

Diabetic/Specialty Pedicure| $50


Gel manicure w/soak off | $35

Maintenance Manicure | $15

Gel Manicure |$25

Manicure | $20

Spa Manicure | $25

Polish Change – Hand | $15

Artificial Full Set -Hand | $40

Artificial Fill -Hand | $30

Nail Replacement | $5

(618) 910-4659






A semi-permanent technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrow in which pigment is placed into the skin in fine, short strokes resembling hair, using a hand tool with a blade formed of tiny needles.
A semi-permanent procedure for enhancing the appearance of eyebrows in which pigment is place into the skin in fine short strokes creating a soft powdered solid looking finish using a machine tool with an attachment of tiny needles.
A semi-permanent procedure for enhancing the appearance of eyebrows in which pigment is placed into the skin in fine short strokes resembling hair with a hand held tool and a machine tool to create a soft powdered solid looking finish.
A procedure that involves tattooing an ultra-thin black line along the lash line to create the illusion of fuller, darker lashes, adding definition to your eyes. When your eye is shut there is minimal trace of the eyeliner. It is a soft natural eye opening effect.
Lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup. Itis a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improving the shape of the lips, giving definition and the illusion of fullness.


before your appointment information


y  Pre-appointment info: Please read carefully!

  1. Avoid working out the day of your appointment.
  2. Do NOT drink anything with caffeine the day of procedure.  
  3. Do NOT take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen, omega-3, unless medically necessary, 48-72 hours prior to the procedure. (Tylenol or acetaminophen is okay!)
  4. Do NOT drink alcohol the night before your appointment.
  5. NO Botox or other fillers, chemical peels, or laser treatments 4 weeks before your appointment.
  6. Please stop all retinol, retin A, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxyl 2 weeks before the procedure and 2 weeks after all permanent makeup is done and heal. This includes your touch up appointment as well.
  7. Must be 18 years old. ( It’s the law in Illinois)

If you have any questions please give us a call! No question is a stupid question!

*Complimentary consultations are available. This is a great way to see if you are a great candidate for permanent makeup and to answer all your questions/needs.

There is a 20% deposit to book an permanent makeup appointment. This deposit is a non refundable deposit if appointment is not canceled 48 hrs. before your appointment time or if you miss your appointment.




Microblading, Powder Brow, eyelash enhancement and lip blushing all have its own special healing instructions. But here is a few thing that can be expected with them.

  1. Avoid increased sweating
  2. NO Hot sauna, hot bath, or Jacuzzi
  3. Keep your permanent makeup dry
  4. NO tanning and avoid sun exposure
  5. NO Picking, peeling, or scratching at the permanent makeup while it is healing. Let it shed on its own!
  6. Avoid touching your permanent makeup
  7. Make sure to follow all the instructions that you are given to take care of your permanent makeup.
  8. Your permanent makeup is going to go through many changes during the healing process and it takes 4-6 week before they are completely healed.


cryo – therapy

Cryo-Facial |$40 (Acne, or Anti-aging)

Face, Neck, Jowl Cryo-Facial | $60

Pain Management | $40

Arm (Batwing) treatment | $60

Full Stomach (Upper, Lower, Love Handles) |$125

Lower Stomach (Lower, Love Handles) |$100 

Full Thigh |$175

Half Thigh (Front, or Back) |$100

Glutes (Butt) and Full Thigh |$225

Glutes (Butt) and Back Thigh | $175

 Psoriasis or Eczema | $40


½ off Any First Cryo-Therapy Treatment


** Packages will be available after the first ½ off service.



Cryo-Facial Information 

 The CO2 vapor used with the Kaasen enhances exfoliation of dead cells on the surface of the skin. The facial treatment works to contract the skin, accelerating microcirculation and therefore promoting oxygen rich blood to the dermis and epidermis, which in turn stimulates the production of collagen, the protein that gives your skin its strength and structure. 

 Cryo-Facials produce an anti-aging effect and can help users maintain a youthful appearance, while also targeting wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes. When targeting acne, the Cryo-Facial will exfoliate the skin, help kill acne causing bacteria, and reduce inflammation caused by breakouts. Repeated treatments have been linked to firmer skin and visible improvement in skin quality, leaving the skin perfected and smooth to the touch.  

 *Skin surface must be clean, dry, and free of any creams, lotions, and makeup before treatment can occur. 


Cryo-Therapy for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales. These patches normally appear on the elbows, knees, scalp, and lower back, but can appear anywhere on the body. Most people are only affected with small patches. In some cases the patches can be itchy or sore. 

Skin cells are normally made and replaced every 3 to 4 weeks, but with Psoriasis this process only takes about 3 to 7 days. The resulting build-up of skin cells is what creates the patches associated with psoriasis. 

Targeted Cryo-therapy has been shown to slow down the production of skin cells, reduce the inflammation and take out the itchiness and soreness of the problem areas. With the Kaasen Life you can target the scalp unlike some other cryo modalities. 

The stream of cold CO2 enhances exfoliation of the dead cells on the surface of the skin, exposing the healthy, more radiant skin underneath. The cold reduces the inflammation taking away the heat and irritation in the treated area. 


Cryo-Therapy for Fat Freeze


When fat cells (adipose tissue) are cooled to around under 39 degrees they start to die in a natural and controlled manner (a process called apaptosis). Once the fat cells have broken down, they are then flushed out of the body as waste or processed through the lymphatic system. The apaptosis process will continue over days, weeks, and months post-treatment. We call this process Cryo-Lipolysis

 The Kaasen technology will rapidly cool the targeted fatty areas as the practitioner maintains temperature under 39 Degrees for the short treatment time during which the body’s subcutaneous fat tissue is destroyed without damage to the surrounding tissues or overlying skin.

 With multiple treatments you will be able to target another layer of adipose tissue you each session, therefore increasing fat loss and increasing results.


    Wedding & Special Event Hair Services

    Whether you are getting married, heading to prom or enjoying a big night out on the town, we would love to help you look and feel your best.  We offer standard pricing for traditional up-do’s and offer custom packages for group needs like wedding parties or unique girls’ nights out.  

    We use only the best products as part of our commitment to providing a high quality experience in a relaxing, inviting atmosphere.

    I couldn’t be more happy with my brows! I contemplated for months on having it done. After seeing Tiffany’s work, I decided to go for it (the live video helped ease my nerves). I’m so glad I did! They are so natural looking and perfect. Thank you!

    Stacey P.

    I absolutely love my new microbladed eyebrows! My eyebrows are full and look natural just like I asked for! Going to be great for summer out on the water not needing to worry about filling them in.

    Meeka A.